Business Cooperation

Any contract or agreement between partners, based on a common activity and mutual interest to be developed aiming to achieve well-established objectives and mutual advantages to make business. It might embrace an international dimension when partners from different countries are involved.


Business Co-operation

International co-operation is a vital strategy for worldwide companies and for SMEs, in particular, in order to boost their competitiveness in the enlarged Intarnal Market and beyond.

Within the GLK® (Global Leads Key) Network, international Business Co-operation means a process of logical steps divided in 3 main phases: preparation, partner search and realization. Each of them corresponds to SMEs' needs and to related ACE services with added value.

GLK® members help companies evaluate their readiness to co-operate and define the type of co-operation needed, through a specific methodology and with the assistance of tools developed over the years by experts of the Network.

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The GLK® Global Leads Key for Business Co-operation

To better assist enterprises in finding a partner, a specific business cooperation network GLK® Global Leads Key has been launched. This tool is meant to become the reference for business cooperation between enterprises worlwide and above all in Europe, Asia and America. The enterprises encodes a exhaustive profiles in the Internet site. The profile is then made available to more than 2.000 correspondents, all over the world for three months then an evaluation of the feedbacks is sent from GLK® to the company.

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International Trade Fairs and matchmaking

The face-to-face contacts between companies are vital to grow trust and confidence between SME entrepreneurs as pre-condition to make business. The trade fair is one ground which offers the opportunity for companies to meet.

In this aspect, ACE offers the following services:

- A company-driven programme of Business to Business events:

Businesses have the possibility to take part in ‘matchmaking’ events, events that gather businesses searching for partners, and sectorial international  trade fairs. Theses events enable companies to find the potential partner they are looking for and to enlarge the scope of their searches in considering other types of partnerships.

 - A coaching programme

ACE also coaches SMEs in their process of internationalisation. They notably offer them preparatory trainings to matchmaking events and also ensure a steady and professional follow up.

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